Discussion & Polis: Streamline CityDAO Governance

This polis aims to gather information to draft a CIP to simplify and codify governance of CIPs while allowing for more autonomy to elected individuals to avoid uncertainty and bureaucracy that we’ve seen hamper the operations of CityDAO over the last few months.

The outcome of this polis will become a CIP to amend the operating agreement and replace the charter thus it will require a quorum of 750 Citizen NFTs in snapshot.

In the polis, you will have the opportunity to vote on many of the changes that this CIP proposes in order to gather consensus from the community on these changes.

You also have the opportunity to add your own statements that can be voted on to adjust the results.
Once this polis is complete:

  1. The results will be shared below and compiled into proposed changes in a CIP to be posted on the forum. Once that CIP reaches 20 likes on the forum it will go to snapshot vote on final CIP passage.
  2. If the CIP passes, the operating agreement will be amended and going forward CityDAO will be governed by these rules.

Key concepts covered in this polis:

CIP Process: Refers to the process by which proposals are passed and executed.

Elected Multisig: A group of people who will be signers on the main CityDAO main multisig and may be given powers to make decisions and budget allocations outside of the CIP process. They will be elected from amongst citizens in a process to be determined through results of the polis.

Planning Team: A proposed group of to be determined # of people who will run the CIP and operation processes of CityDAO while working towards automating the CIP process so that it can be as hands off as necessary.

You can access the polis and vote on statements here: https://pol.is/4yyyrjxhhn

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After a 7 day period I will close the polis and share the results URL here for recording for future prior to drafting the charter revision CIP.


Very cool! Just did the polis voting. Excited to see how this process works. Really interesting to see how you broke down some of the questions into the little chunks. Thought it was also very useful to make a statement and then put the context like “as opposed to 6 or 24 months.”

thank you for leading this!!

We got our first report and would like to say its very cool and user friendly.

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Providing clarity and simplifying the CIP process is needed. All for this experiment.

I’ve closed the polis and am drafting a proposal based on the results to go to CIP to implement charter modifications. This may take a few days as I’m traveling currently.

Note that I will in most cases follow the results of the Polis in drafting the charter changes, there may be some areas where I propose a different course of action. These will likely be due to:

  1. My attempt to read between the lines of results for intent based on conversations with people, in discord, and on the forum.
  2. Places where I believe that the voted for consensus will cripple the ability of CityDAO to focus on effective work.

I’ll call each of those out in the proposal to be clear where changes are different than what is outlined in Polis for transparency.

So happy to see this. i’ve been a fan of polis for a while and glad to see CityDAO as one of the first DAOs to implement this! :fire: