The Formation of an Unincorporated Community

An Introduction & Quick Rant

Hello CityDAO Members I’ve been a long time viewer of the project but really held off on participating financially because while i agreed with the vision of CityDAO I never really saw any clear plans on how to accomplish said vision, I always felt while CityDAO was far from a scam the projects foundation was built on moonshot ideas allowing for a great marketing opportunity during what we can see in hindsight and name the Crypto Bullrun

I’ve while sitting back and merely being a follower I’ve witnessed two hacks, multiple “failed” starts and now some calls for winding down the DAO - while financially speaking this may be in the best interest of DAO Members if the DAO continues to sit in what seems to be a state of hibernation, I do believe the DAO still has an significant amount of runway, productive assets and an active enough community to only achieve a return on capital from a financial perspective but also take real actionable steps to building a true city

A Quick Proposal Idea

This steps can include the opening of the DAOs land assets for Public Development by in sort of an open-sourced collaborative model by entering into “Ground Leases”

By creating and issuing these leases this will be a simple and efficient way for the DAO to generate revenue and “outsource” the development of current and future land assets

With each lease you can stipulate a set of restrictions similar to how Zoning and Building Codes work on a City level to restrict and/or incentivize a particular build this can go even further through the offering of private loans or grants to Leases (needing to meet a certain criteria first)

To facilitate this the DAO would have to spend an relativity small portion of of current DAO capital to commission the drawing up of site plan focusing on plot divisions, road placement and zoning (build restrictions)

A Note of my biases:
I am actively seeking an opportunity for partnership or collaboration with CityDAO and similar organizations such as KiftDAO, CabinDAO and CoHere Network to test, promote, and utilize our Protocol for Real World Property Transactions named The Deed Protocol

The protocol we have developed can streamline the process of Deed Tokenization through the use of an Nominee Trust or Dual Trust + LLC, the Subdivision of Plots and the Sale, Auction, Leasing and Financing of Real World Property (Land, Buildings, Vehicles, etc.)

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Eh, why is this better then our deed splitting mechanism and legal structure?

Well first I recommend checking our docs to get a deeper understanding of our legal framework but the main thing is interoperability and better (cheaper and more efficient) legal protection when it comes to digitized assets

And my proposal isnt necessarily to use a different mechanism (even though i am offering one as noted in my biases) but to begin to “subdivide” and lease out the subdivided plots which would probable be the cheapest and easiest thing the DAO could do with limited operating costs to generate revenue without risking the treasury as whole

It would certainly cost less than $1,000,000 dollars

Hey @kyngkai909 - thanks for writing this up. I think this is a cool idea - token-based leases are core to what brought a lot of us to CityDAO.

My main concern is finding a place we can try this that is desirable enough for some developer would want to pay for a ground lease. It seems like for that we would need to purchase prime real estate, which might be many millions of dollars. What types of places / what geo are you thinking?

Let me know your thoughts!

I dont think this is true necessarily with the 40+ Acres the DAO owns already it can split the parcels up and conduct an auction to find a fair market value

Targets for ground leases would be Glampsite, RV Parks, Campsites and etc and if i recall correctly since the DAO owns a parcel in WY over 35+ Acres it gives it a lot of wiggle room

A Ground Lease doesnt have to be restricted to large developers but can open up development opportunities to those willing to put in the work but doesnt have the land assets to do so

Essentially CityDAO would focus on the high-level task of developing a Master Site/Zoning Plan and allow Leasees to build within such as we do within traditional cities

I’m not sure this is feasible based on the current zoning and terrain. Technically speaking I believe to camp there overnight all you need is a p0 NFT. There are many things that can be done with it in the lease currently - which is how it’s structured.
It’s very rare a holder actually does this.

Its not about camping its about development (speaking from my experience) and based on the zoning (specifically for the 40 Acre Parcel) there are alot of exemptions from Zoning and Permitting when you have a parcel above 35 Acres

A ground lease is different from a standard lease a ground lease is are for longer periods to develop the land

And if none of the current parcels fit a new one can be found for cheap to accomplish the same goal (relative to the recent proposal for 600k)