CIP-63: Parcel Home - Acquire a CityDAO House in Denver

  • imo If 650k is too much, folks can vote it down in snapshot
  • the offramping should happen sooner in case of price fluctuations but also to ensure we can move quickly and that our off ramp works
  • there will be another direct to snapshot YES or NO vote on the specific property once it’s identified, but it’s more of a temp check
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Yep, that just wasn’t 100% clear to me when I read it but is a good approach.


Great proposal Scott and Josh! Everything made sense to be. I imagine there will be some additional complexities down the road as you all get into the transaction, but I thought this proposal is very clear and a great use of CityDAO resources.


Looking forward to the DAO continuing to experiment with digital ownership corresponding to real world assets!


Nice, thanks for sharing the information