CIP-181: Partnering with Missio to harness collective intelligence within CityDAO

Author: Oisin Lyons (Lyons800)
Date: 12th of April 2023
Proposal Topic: Partnership & Governance


This CityDAO Improvement Proposal (CIP) recommends that CityDAO partners with Missio, a intelligence and engagement solution, to address several challenges related to comprehension, engagement, and decision-making of proposals in CityDAO. By leveraging Missio’s powerful capabilities, CityDAO can optimize its governance processes, cultivate a more informed and engaged community, enhance overall decision-making, and help guide adjustments to processes to ensure the project’s long-term sustainability, impact and success.


As a project that explores the intersection of blockchain and real-world land ownership. CityDAO has the potential to redefine digital citizenship, real asset ownership, and governance. However, CityDAO currently faces multiple obstacles, including:

  • Limited engagement and participation in projects and governance.
  • Limited skill building, resource identification and inventory, collaboration, and cross engagement.
  • Difficulties in comprehending lengthy and complex proposals
  • Challenges in tracking reputations and rewarding valuable contributions

CityDAO’s experience over the last year in experimentation of various processes in governance and operations highlights the urgency of addressing these issues. Missio aims to tackle these challenges by providing an innovative solution that simplifies proposals, incentivizes participation, and generates valuable insights to improve decision-making within CityDAO.


To implement the partnership with Missio, the following steps are proposed:

  1. Integration: Integrate Missio’s platform into CityDAO’s governance processes, allowing members to access proposal summaries, surveys, and visualizations generated by Missio. (This does not affect CityDAO formal governance process.)
  2. When proposals are posted, a link to the proposal on Missio is sent with the discourse one.
  3. When a proposal is posted, a discord bot created by Missio will have permission to survey DAO members.


By partnering with Missio, CityDAO can achieve the following benefits:

  • Increased engagement: Missio’s summarization, surveying, and incentives will drive higher participation rates in governance, fostering a more engaged community.
  • Enhanced comprehension: Simplified proposal summaries and graphical visualizations will allow citizens to better understand proposals and make more informed decisions.
  • Improved reputation tracking: Missio’s reputation tracking will enable CityDAO to identify and reward valuable contributors effectively, further strengthening the community.
  • Optimized decision-making: Missio’s insights and visualizations will help CityDAO identify misalignment among proposals, teams, and the wider DAO, leading to better decision-making and a more harmonious direction.
  • More effective teams: Leveraging Missio’s reputation and domain expertise analysis, CityDAO can build balanced and efficient teams that drive the project’s success.

By addressing the current challenges faced by CityDAO, this partnership with Missio will ensure the project’s long-term sustainability, growth, and success, setting it apart from other potential solutions.


  • Missio is seeking a grant of $9,500 for phase 2 of Engineering and Design.

  • Integration Support

    • Discord Bot installation (Lyons can do)
    • Announcements for new proposals with Missio Link included (Lyons can do)
    • Media Support - Tweet for new proposals with Missio Link


Q2 23’

  • DAO Members surveying through Web application
    • This will allow members to answer questions on proposals through the Missio Web application
  • DAO Members surveying through discord bot
    • This will allow members to answer questions on proposals in the CityDAO discord.
  • Proposals summarization
    • This will summarize proposals as well as feedback on proposals
  • Proposals automated recommendations
    • This will provide proposal writers and viewers with AI generated amendments based on the questions/responses on current proposals in order to improve alignment.
  • Proposal Sentiment visualizations
    • This will allow users to visualize the sentiment and opinion of members on a proposal and the wider DAO.
  • DAO member participation rewards
    • Participants in governance will receive rewards

Q3 23’

  • DAO Member Qualitative Scores
    • Participants in governance that have received rewards will now be able to qualitatively understand their contributor value
  • Missio Chrome Extension and other medium support
    • This will work on another step to bring the proposal to the user and not the other way around.
  • Missio Plugins
    • Allowing users to build upon missio.


A partnership between CityDAO and Missio offers a powerful solution to the challenges faced by CityDAO in achieving truly democratic decision-making. By leveraging Missio, CityDAO can improve governance processes, foster a more informed and engaged community, and enhance overall decision-making. The implementation of this CIP aims to significantly contribute to the ongoing success of CityDAO as a trailblazing project in the realm of blockchain and land ownership.

Product Preview

Deck Preview


It should be noted, for transparency, that Missio is created and owned by Lyons, the author of this proposal. This proposal would be a grant to Lyons to work on his project and own the resulting IP. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Nope spot on. Missio is a solution that aims to solve a lot of the underlying issues we are having at CityDAO related to engagement and alignment.

The grant would be to accelerate development of newer features!

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I am somewhat skeptical about how well AI could help DAOs, that said I fully support finding out.


Its actually not just AI. There is a large focus on the organisation and understanding of information and LLMs enable us to do this much easier without so much focus on data cleaning


I’m strongly opposed to this cip because:

  • non - related to buying/renting/construct a house/property/field.
  • won’t help bringing newcomers to this project.
  • don’t understand how it will lead to better decisions, it’s totally vague.
  • 9500$ for a discord AI (chat) bot and media support is unnecessary.

Sorry for me.

Thank you for your input. While I agree with your first point that this CIP does not directly relate to the buying, renting, or construction of a house, property, or field, I believe it’s important to note that effective governance and community participation are essential to the success of any DAO, including CityDAO.

For your second point, I beg to differ. The integration of Missio can be incredibly helpful in attracting newcomers to the project. Missio simplifies the comprehension of complex proposals and encourages engagement, which can make CityDAO more accessible and inviting to those who might otherwise be overwhelmed by the complexity of DAOs and blockchain.

On your third point, let’s reconsider the idea that the specifics are vague. The proposal aims to leverage Missio’s intelligence and engagement solutions to address challenges related to comprehension, engagement, and decision-making within CityDAO. By simplifying proposals, incentivizing participation, and providing valuable insights, Missio could significantly improve decision-making within the DAO. More informed and engaged members often lead to better decisions that align with the DAO’s goals and values.

Finally, regarding your point about the $9,500 grant, if you read the proposal you will understand that Missio is not just an AI bot. The $9,500 is to increase the development focus on CityDAO so we can build with CityDAOs problems more directly in mind. This is an infrastructure layer product and will eventually be in every DAO in order to streamline operations and governance.