Network City Development & Testing Initiative


What I’ve heard the most from citizens is that they joined because they want to be part of building a web3 city. Buying land doesn’t get us there because we inherently alienate most people in the DAO due to the location of it.

The recent CIPs are beginning to acknowledge that.

CityDAO was founded with the goal of creating an on-chain city. In practice, this means we need to grow a community of Web3 and crypto enthusiasts both offline and virtually. To do this we need to create a collection of spaces, events, and interactions where people can learn and spend time both virtually and in person. A way to provide that community and serendipity that a land city provides.

We could buy and build these places, but we’ll go further if we do partnerships with existing spaces. Give them a reason to join CityDAO, which will also give people a reason to become citizens.

We are calling it the “Network City”

This is a draft of a proposal that would seek funding from the CityDAO treasury to develop, test, and assess the viability and profitability of the network city concept for both virtual and physical locations centered around Web3 principles. By leveraging our existing resources and community members, we will create a pilot program to establish a global network city for individuals passionate about Web3 technology and innovation.

Why Network City?

We need identifiable assets such as buildings, events, or hubs to create a foundation for the CityDao project. This will spur member participation and growth as we have more opportunities for interaction. This will lead to more conversations/collaborations or partnerships that would benefit city-building efforts.

Here are some examples of nodes that would make up the Network City:


  1. Coffeeshops
  2. Hotels
  3. Coworking spaces
  4. Airbnbs
  5. Event Spaces
  6. Boutique Hotels
  7. Golf Clubs
  8. Restaurants
  9. Ice Rinks
  10. Bowling Alleys
  11. Gyms
  12. Movie Theaters
  13. Music Venues
  14. Resorts


  1. Dedicated discord spaces
  2. VR locations
  3. Mailing lists
  4. Recurring meetings

Why now?

All of us have worked to make CityDAO impactful and we’ve generally failed to create a lasting community when people aren’t being paid to sit around and argue. Looking through the retro thread I posted you can see both the great work and frustration.

This will get CityDAO back on track.

What do we hope to achieve?

  1. Engage and re-activate existing CityDAO members through targeted community outreach and participation incentives.
  2. Develop a pilot program that incorporates both virtual and physical nodes, using skill-based chapters to attract people to visit these nodes.
  3. Skill-based chapters will create virtual (and physical) spaces where CityDAO citizens with like skillsets can get together to learn and further their skills. These skills will be chosen from the highest level of interest from CityDAO citizens, but could include: Urban planning, solidity development, or any other CityDAO related skills.
  4. Utilize feedback and data from the pilot program to refine the network city concept, ensuring it aligns with community needs and expectations.
  5. Assess the financial viability of the network city concept based on pilot program results and develop a long-term business plan for growth and sustainability.
  6. Identify the next incremental milestone to prove the concept.

Funding Request:

We request a total of $9,999 from the CityDAO treasury to cover the costs associated with the pilot program, including:

  1. Development and implementation of the pilot program, which includes creating prototypes of skill-based chapters, acquiring letters of intent from nodes, and community engagement initiatives.
  2. Marketing and promotional materials to attract and engage existing and new community members, as well as to secure letters of intent from nodes.
  3. Incentives and rewards for active community members who participate in the pilot program and contribute to its success.
  4. Operational expenses, including staff, technology, and resources needed to execute the pilot program effectively.

Project Lead: Konrad Kopczynski will lead the project, and all expenses will be at his discretion to best serve the goals of the proposal. Any revenue from the project will be at the discretion of the project lead to allocate.

Konrad is VP of Analytics at Croud, a marketing agency. Previously, he founded impakt Advisors, an analytics agency that was acquired by Croud in 2021. He has been a contributor to CityDAO for over a year, including running the governance revamp resulting from the 2021 CityDAO retro that although it did not end up passing CIP sur.

This is a nights and weekend project for Konrad.

As such @Chisobem will be the day-to-day contact. For context, Konrad hired Chisobem on as the first full-time hire during the beginning of scaling impakt Advisors, the data analytics agency.

She started as a sales assistant by helping us pitch project proposals and quickly became integral to our sales and operations processes.

As the organization grew, Chisobem adapted and took charge of all Operational, and HR-related tasks. She has been a high-value core contributor with a keen ability to adapt on the go and work with the whole team to create positive outcomes for the company and everyone involved.

Chisobem was critical to structuring our business operations in such a way that allowed the management team to focus on delivering work and managing client relationships. The systems that she helped us build across Sales, IT, Operations, Account Receivables, and HR were key contributors to our ability to sell the business eventually.

She will bring rigor and consistency to this proposal, a person whose primary responsibility is keeping the goals on track.

Tasks will be bountied to members of CityDAO first before hiring any outside people.

CityDAO will retain all IP & benefits from this proposal.

If a quorum of 250 is reached and this CIP is approved, the Project Lead and the supporting Team will use their best efforts to undertake the goals described above.

In addition to the funding above, Konrad will be granted and retain access to the Twitter account and announcements channel to promote initiatives related to this proposal.

Timeline & Deliverables:

Duration: August to October. The work may wrap up earlier if the team deems it enough to move to the next milestone.

At the end of each month, the team will be providing a report on what the team has done for the month. Most importantly, we will make sure that our activities and visual content are aligned with CityDAO’s missions and values.

What to expect:

We have broken the project down into 6 milestones.

  1. Collecting a list of locations where CityDao citizens reside in the real world.
  2. Collecting recommendations for physical nodes to pitch as CityDAO nodes.
  3. Contacting recommended Nodes.
  4. Signing letters of intent with these Nodes.
  5. Creating a charter for skills chapters.
  6. Signing up members to the chapters.
  7. Kicking off virtual activities to add value for members through the skills chapters.

Metrics to track:

Number of Physical Nodes contacted.

Number of letters of intent signed with Physical Nodes signed.

Number of virtual locations created

Number of events (virtual or physical) organized

Number of members in the skills chapters.

Midterm/Longterm Revenue Sources:

  1. Fees from locations for promotion with CityDAO.
  2. Skills chapter membership fees.
  3. Revenue from tech solutions developed by the chapters.


There are no risks.


There are no regulatory issues.


Thanks for putting this together. I support this proposal since Konrad has a track record of execution and is great to work with.

I have some questions on what it would mean to be a node in the CityDAO network city. As a hypothetical example, let’s say a coffee shop in San Francisco agrees to become a CityDAO node. What does that mean practically speaking? Would that mean they agree to provide a discount for Citizens and be listed in a directory?

My understanding is this would end up looking like a membership club for Citizens, kind of like what Cabin has been building.

I’m open to trying it and definitely think we should greenlight this pilot initiative, but long term I am personally more excited about deploying the treasury to own real world assets together.


At a high level, I like this! Missing some clarity about what exactly these nodes would mean for citizens. I just finished a month at Cabin, and it was such an impactful experience on me. I do think there is the space for CityDAO to follow their lead and be co-living in cities versus nature, which this proposal seems on track for.

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Yes it would end up being something like that. This initiative would further refine that concept both based on what we hear from nodes needs as well as Citizens needs.

Thank you for your support!

My hope is that this will enable us to build momentum to later buy real world assets.

Glad to hear it! Yes the idea is to create spaces in cities that Citizens can come together in. We will define benefits further during the process of this initiative.

For those that weren’t able to join the community call yesterday, a few important questions from it and answers:

Q1 "Why the only description of how the funds will be managed is at the discretion of Konrad. He also asked why the budget is set at $9,999 and if it’s because it’s the minimum amount to get a CIP approved without a quorum. "

Yes of course its because of the quorum. Why do you think all recent proposals are at similar numbers?

Additionally, every proposal that has gone up that hasn’t just been about people’s time has been wrong about how much money they actually need to execute and has come back for more.

As an alternative, we as trusted executors are asking for a small amount to make progress and will report back on progress at the end of a set time period. At that point, if progress is unsatisfactory, the project will not continue.

Q2: “What happens when a node agrees?”

We will sign an agreement with them that outlines both their responsibilities and benefits that they will receive. This may include benefits in a physical space on their end for citizens or in the virtual space on CityDAO’s end.

I love the concept of CityDAO nodes and broad IRL meetups :star_struck:

What’s the nature of the software you wanna build above and beyond what a simple combo of Discord/ etc could offer? Software gets real expensive real quick…is this a necessary build?

Also does it make sense to reverse your Phase 2 with Phase 1, and build/establish those localized communities prior to building for them? This helps quantify and clarify who the audience is and allows that target audience to be part of the build process, which removes a lot of the guesswork involved in product launching

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Per DMs, the goal of this isn’t to build software but to build community. Agreed 100% that the initial focus will be on establishing communities.

We’re not looking to build software to sell, we’re looking to organize the CityDAO community in a better way than it is now.

Specifically, around mutual interests & shared locations. Rather than just pel mel in a discord.

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Confirming that as of yesterday and within the required period this proposal has 20+ verified citizen likes.

I’m traveling for the next week and a half, after that time we’ll be incorporating the feedback we heard into a supplemental plan to share along with the snapshot.

Please do reach out with any ideas, comments or feedback.


Good to see 20+