CIP-188: Community Team & Twitter(X) Management

The Community Team has been fulfilling its duty in the past 6 months, and are now looking forward to continuing to contribute to CityDAO by keeping the community engaged and promoting the CityDAO brand. We are offering a proposal for the next 6 month term, with an addition to the proposal that would greatly improve our contribution capacity.

It is apparent that we still lack the proper means to gain a satisfactory amount of engagement, and we believe that Twitter plays a significant role here. We have not been having much activity on our Twitter due to lack of access to the tool, so we are unable to properly connect to a large part of our community. Therefore, we are requesting access to the CityDAO Twitter account as a community team so we could utilise it better. With access to Twitter, it would also be easier to track engagement levels with the interaction data from Twitter, providing us valuable feedback. More details on Twitter access below, under the topic “Twitter Management”.

Note: the official name of Twitter was recently rebranded as “X”, but we are referring to it using the old name that most of us are more familiar with.

Our past works (March 2023 to August 2023)

Duration and Strategy

The Community Team will continue to work for the next 6 months, from September 2023 to February 2024.

The basic tasks from the previous term will continue as usual. Newspapers will be published twice a month, important content will be translated for the major local communities (TR/CN/TH), contests will be held two to three times, and we’ll continuously look for partnership opportunities and other activities for the community.

More importantly for this term, with access to Twitter, we’ll put much of our effort into growing CityDAO’s Twitter account and engaging with our followers on the platform. Initially, we’ll need to experiment with various variables such as the Tweet’s content, timing/interval, hashtags, etc. As we gather data from the interactions, we’ll be able to tailor our content and set up the schedule that would work best. More about Twitter strategy in detail in the next section.

Twitter Management

Lupei, being the most proficient user of the English language in the team, will be the member who receives the CityDAO Twitter account access, along with permissions to tweet, retweet, like, initiate Twitter Spaces, and reply to all related content. Direct message may also be used, but only when necessary. All Twitter activities will be carefully reviewed so as not to cause any legal repercussions for CityDAO LLC.

Detailed Twitter strategy: CityDAO Twitter Strategy - Google Docs


With access to Twitter, a set of KPIs can be set up using engagement data from Twitter.

  • Number of new followers. Ideal amount is at least an increase of 10% by the end of the term.
  • Consistent amount of Tweet’s engagement. The average likes and views should not be lower at the end of the term compared to the start.
  • Number of attendees at Twitter spaces. Different evaluations based on the language used, but generally 100+ is ideal.

Non-Twitter KIPs

  • Article reach (sponsored articles): 1000+ is ideal.
  • IRL meetup participation rate: 6+ participants for small scale meetups, and 20+ for larger ones are ideal.
  • Contest participation rate: 10+ participants is ideal, at least half of which should be citizens for open contests.

Team and Budget

The team members of the community team remain unchanged. Each member’s duties are as follows:


  • Manage community activities and projects.
  • Publish bi-weekly newspapers.
  • Translate important information for the Thai community.
  • Manage CityDAO Twitter account.


  • Manage community activities and projects
  • Host TR/EN Twitter spaces.
  • Translate important information for the Turkish community.
  • Manage partnerships with other DAO/web3 organisations.


  • Manage Chinese community activities.
  • Host CN Twitter spaces.
  • Translate important information for the Chinese community.
  • Manage Chinese CityDAO WeChat.

The compensation for team members is the same as the previous CIP, with an increase to the community activities budget from $6000 to $12000, less the remaining amount from the previous term. This increase will allow us to afford better community activities and CityDAO brand promotion.

  • Lupei, simplepixellife, and Ming will each receive $1500 per month for 6 months.
  • The community safe will have a $12000 budget for conducting community activities and promoting CityDAO. Any remaining amount will be returned to the safe after the term, and the budget will not be used to provide additional team compensation. All spendings of the budget will be made verifiable.

Total budget: $39000


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