CIP-24 Shadowdrop

:wave: Hello Citizens!

We have been working hard the past weeks building the first ever Shadowdrop, specifically designed for the CityDAO community. This CIP is presented to host discussion around community adoption of a fungible (ERC-20) $CITY token from the Shadowdrop team, in the form of a “Shadowdrop” (obviously separate from the CityDAO team, but will greatly benefit Citizen holders).

You can learn more about the initiative here:

Edit: this link is an IPFS link, so it may take some time to load compared to a web2 link.

We plan to be available in the discord around town hall, both today and next week to answer any questions, and will provide full transparency and validation of contract code, etc. to ensure a safe launch opportunity, should the community vote to approve this proposal as one.

*Edit: The core team messaging was very clear during the town hall: “we do not want, endorse, or promote any ERC-20 fungible token for CityDAO”. *

This is completely respected by us, and we don’t mean to be combative or unhelpful. IF HOWEVER the CityDAO members want the token, create a proposal, and vote for it, then we are helping build and serve a need for the community. We understand the reasons for wanting a token and for not wanting a token, and will respect the collective decision of the DAO.

If the DAO votes no, we will not launch the project, and move on. If the DAO proposes and votes yes, we will.

We will wait until next Wednesday for a show of support, and update the site with a claim portal (and of course verified contract code etc. for those who are speculative of anon web3 projects like OHM forks - completely fair and wise). Otherwise, we will remove the site and return to our Citizen lives.

Just a word of caution to citizens, clicking on links could compromise your device.

In fact there is a recent (week of Dec. 7th) vulnerability that could take over your device by clicking a link (Google: Windows 10 RCE: The exploit is in the link).

I couldn’t find anything on google on Shadowdrop. There is no references to the said Team or ERC20 token in this post.


Happy to post the contents of the website here, it’s just HTML with the ideas around the $CITY token. Nothing web3 related is on this page, so it will not ever ask you for your wallet or to sign any transactions.

Anytime a website asks for you to open your wallet or sign something, you should be very careful.

Thank you for the callout Jack, we’re really happy everyone is watching each others backs in this community.

I see 0 good reasons for citizens to endorse this.


@shadowdrop – Have you thought through the legal ramifications of what you are proposing?

I think that is the purpose of trying to be fully anon, however no, it doesn’t seem the legal ramifications for CityDAO as an entity have been considered