CIP-58: Buy 10 Lobby3 Membership Tokens

For those who don’t know, Lobby3 is Presidential Candidate and UBI proponent Andrew Yang’s DAO. Andrew holds monthly AMAs and the DAO members work closely with his staff in order to have our voices heard in Washington D.C… Unlike Blockchain Association, Lobby3 represents the people in crypto, not the big businesses. Yang’s team has been working closely with members of Congress for years on issues related to poverty in the United States which paved the way for Lobby3 to have strong working relationships with both parties.

Structurally, Lobby3 is designed to be decentralized and is actively trying to build partnerships with other DAOs. In doing so, Lobby3 is setting it self up to be a microphone for us, the people, rather than simply using its privileged position to advance the opinions of its initial members.

Unlike the formal relationships CityDAO has with some other DAOs and the Blockchain Association (which are managed by the guilds), I propose this as a grass-roots integration: an opportunity for members of both DAOs to cross-pollinate their ideas, conversations, friendships, and professional connections.

It is an opportunity for each of us to form stronger bonds with the likeminded when it is easiest to do so. CityDAO should build a strong working relationship with Lobby3 before it grows too large, which will happen very soon: Yang is planning on promoting it at several upcoming Web3 conferences.

I was on a call with Yang’s team yesterday – they’re looking to bring positive stories from Web3 to Washington to combat the misconceptions that are dominating the conversation – what’s more positive than a bunch of strangers from around the world coming together to turn a pie-in-the-sky Tweet into reality!

If we sweep the floor and buy 10 tokens on OpenSea, it will only cost us 0.4283ETH to have our voices heard in D.C., fix Web3’s reputation, and hang out with Andrew Yang.


@Stuttgart …thoughts?

is it 0.42 eth in total? Sounds like a no brainer to me

Yup! My thoughts exactly

I appreciate that, Will.

The CityDAO Public Affairs Guild already has this covered.

We have established a DAO Working Group that includes Lobby3, Bankless, Polygon, Aragon, and a bunch of other DAOs who are working together in equal partnership. We also are growing this group weekly. This group also is working with the Blockchain Association, COALA (international DAO Model Law working group), and others.

There is no need for CityDAO to buy Lobby3 membership tokens (although individual Citizens of course should feel free and I do have one).

Feel free to DM and I am happy to tell you more. Bottom-line here is that CityDAO already is taking a leadership role here and working with Lobby3 on these issues.

These seems like a very low cost, interesting opportunity to shape policy. What if we acquire an advocate token?

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A few of us at Lobby3 have been talking about deprecating the 3-tier structure and switching to an ERC20 that grants equal access to each member irrespective of how much they pay. We would likely grandfather in the high priced tokens w/ additional ERC20s.

I am also a member of Lobby3. This is an interesting idea for sure. Clearly, CityDAO would have an interest in lobbying for Web3 in DC. Not sure if this should be done with a token purchase of just a relationship. I know Stuttgart has established good connections over there. As have me and Wil4. It is cleary a good partnership, how that looks in terms of buying tokens I am not sure.