CIP- X: Sunset CityDAO and return a pro-Ratia share of assets to Citizens

This proposal amends the responsibilities of the Council to the following:

  1. Liquidate and convert all assets to one of the following: ETH, WETH, USDC, MATIC
  2. Wind down all operations and pay all outstanding debts. Liquidate or donate all property to the local governmental entity.
  3. Return all accumulated assets to citizens on a pro-ratia basis.
  4. Disband

A related idea is we set a deadline, say 6 months, to execute on something, and if we can’t agree on anything, return funds and wind down.

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Not a bad idea - they could also be spun off.

actually we can meet with eigenlayer and act just like kelpDAO. land and all other property can be donated to the united states. because together we are strong ( Nato )

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We are going to ETHDenver and giving a big presentation. RTM has legitimacy now in various universities and is moving towards the creation of a peer-reviewed DAO journal. t0wn has created a dominant assurance contract, which has been audited and is currently in use. We are executing on things. You just aren’t paying attention.

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Reminds me of when I used to work for the state and we would tell people the meeting ’ was legally noticed by posting the required information on the door of the meeting room in the basement of the capitol 2 hours before the meeting - you must not have been paying attention. ’

Cmon man that’s not an us problem that’s a communication issue.

I just get salty with all the let’s end CityDAO recommendations when I spend so much time working on moving the projects forward. I see positive forward momentum and a dip, but not a collapse.


Bro there’s a lotta effort going into ETH Denver right now, this has turned into a major colab with PizzaDAO, ApeCoin DAO, How to DAO, DAO Denver and more

Wish you were helping

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Hope it works out. Where can I participate in buying an ad for the truck