Make it easy for newcomers to get involved

Hi! I am now to this DAO but I am very interested - as a new comer I may have a different vison on the DAO. It seems like there will/are people who join and dont know where to start. They dont know what to do to help and want to learn more about the DAO.

At first when you join citydao its very hard to understand what is happening at the current moment. There are lot of different things going on, so a central location that is continuously updated would be important to maintain.

As well as that we could revamp space in which new comers arrive. We could create education material that is easily accessible in one space so people could read 1 document and get an overall view of what the DAO is doing - what projects are going on and achievements.

I think one of the main things at the moment when people join that dont know how to start or join, which in turn will turn them away and potentially make them not interested anymore.

As well as this there isnt set things that people can do to start to work on the DAO. I think we could create a document with small things to do to improve the community. Or we break a large task into 10 smaller tasks so newcomers would be able to help out straight away.

I think that one of the main reasons people come to DAOs is to contribute and be part of something, we should be open to allowing people to help in an easily way.


I think this is a big issue with CityDAO and DAOs in general. It is just really hard to onboard people. I know I still join discords and try and go through the labyrinth of links to figure out how to get involved. I know there are people hard at work solving this.

Random, but today I watched a presentation on how we could potentially gamify the process. You join in a way you get a real character, walk around and read documents, pass tests, etc., then you finally complete the mission and are up to speed. You could be rewarded somehow for doing so as well.

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I posted on this topic recently over at PoH DAO Creating some structure for our governance - #17 by ArkaYana - DAO - Proof of Humanity and UBI

Here is an excerpt from my post:

My actionable suggestion going forward:

Use something like Trello. It was and still is incredibly successful for both remote working teams, and indepedent project managers such as designers with public orders.

Either we commission a DAO member to code an in-house version that a future DAO lead / DAOplomat can then administrate.

Or we use Trello / a similar such provider in Web 3.

Using such a system allows us to create a clear workspace for the following:

  • A list of short, mid, and long-term goals
  • Progress on said goals
  • Clear illustration of who is working on those goals
  • Easy to contact people working on goals and create an informal ‘team’ should they wish
  • An easy way to implement retroactive funding, or pre-approve funding for projects with initial expenses
  • Ensures significantly less effort duplication
  • Clarify how much treasury funding is actually available for projects and where it is being allocated

With our current system, to get involved with a project users have to blindly search around telegram groups, discord, and the forums to even figure out who is working on something, if its even being worked on, where it is in development, if there is funding, who is doing what, etc.

Concerning this issue of “preferntial treatment” or “beaurocracy”

This is virtually a non-issue. If someone comes with a project and the DAO indicates interest for it to be added to the ‘Trello-style’ environment to engage recruiting a team and funding, then it can be added. Even projects that recieve negative response can still be added and worked on by those that believe it justifiable to do so and present their findings to the DAO. The important thing is to know these things are happening and have an easy place to glean that information

What is and isn’t prioritized is currently decided by the DAO. A ‘Trello-style’ system is just a visual representation of that.

The DAO lead administrating this system as one of their responsibilities can simply have it written into to their hiring contract that they don’t have dictorial say in what is and isn’t added to the system.

I believe many DAOs are tackling with finding a sweet spot that allows for both decentralization and organization.


Kind of like Coinbase onboarding of learn about a token to get some.

Love this :heart_eyes:

Would you be interested in leading this initiative?

I have a strong feeling the community would be in favor of putting up a small budget for something like this. Let’s day a 30 day trial budget. I’d def be in favor and could provide some help for you to build the CIP if that helps :slight_smile:

Let’s do this! :mechanical_arm:

PS what are your thoughts on our current Notion project board? Have you seen/explored it? There’s some tooling in there for project/progress tracking but it’s not super user friendly right now imho

Putting something together like this could likely be enhanced by some of the work @Lupei @elmo and @simplepixellife are doing with the newsletter, which basically amalgamates updates from the different Guilds. Your suggest above could potentially fit nicely with the Newsletter

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My genuine apologies for the slow reply. Usually I get notifications but for some reason I didn’t! :sweat_smile:

I’m working on getting a similar environment set up with Proof of Humanity once their fork is complete. After I’ve done the initial ground work there, what I learn would be relatively transferable and I can help lead a similar initiative here if there is interest for it.

I can see there is a call for governance focus and trying to find a concrete way forward, so my Trello suggestion would do quite well towards this goal.

A little general cautionary advice to CityDAO on governance debate - Proof Of Humanity DAO spent over a year debating and arguing how to move forward with governance and it resulted in such divise opinion that they are forking into two protocols. Everyone make sure to keep a level head when discussing your points of view on all things :pray:

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OMG, i see this a little bit late :slight_smile:

We already talked about this with @JoeZamm (@Lupei did) and we also want to see some new onboarding calls again. The only thing is we have to overcome is to get many people as we can in these calls. A trial would be great and see where it goes.

I am happy to get my Trello idea set up if there is interest.
The free plan on Trello is a little limited: Here is a review though there may be some bias trello review

If there was a small grant in place to cover the subscription cost I can set it up, or I am happy to use a completely different environment if there is an alternative suggestion.

I’m not on the ops team, but would suggest Notion vs. Trello - just because CityDAO has invested heavily in Notion. You can do many of the same things in Trello with Notion too - just might look a little different. Take a look at the CityDAO homepage here:

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Thank you for the reply! This looks great, nice lay out, is there a dark mode? Pure white aren’t the most friendly haha.

If there is a particular avenue I can assist with? Feel free to contact me any time :slightly_smiling_face:

But for now I’m content to continue learning about the protocol and making suggestions on how to administrate and set up on Baby Parcel. My post in the Baby Parcell thread suggests as multifunctional a space as possible in the early stages and some key considerations like power, landscape, sanitary needs, etc.

A lot of my attention is on UBI & Proof of Humanity at the moment, but I will keep educating myself on CityDAO’s goals! :pray: