Candidate Agreement

In accordance with CIP-28 CityDAO is forming an inaugural Council. Five members of the Council are to be elected from the community by Citizens.

Our first Council has a limited mandate of only drafting and implementing the CityDAO Charter and Operating Agreement. Future of the Council will be outlined in these documents. It could be to dissolve the Council or make it permanent with a well defined structure.

This is an exciting time for CityDAO, and a great opportunity for Citizens to step up and shape history. Drafting the CityDAO Charter is paramount - it lays the foundation that the entire future of CityDAO will be built on. Being on the Council is an opportunity to serve and will require very active participation. Please only run if you are prepared to take on this commitment.

To be considered as a candidate you must:

By submitting yourself as a candidate you understand:

  • The position is voluntary and not compensated in any way
  • There is no guaranteed length of the position beyond what is outlined in CIP-28
  • Powers of the position are limited to what was granted by CIP-28

By submitting yourself as a candidate you agree (if elected):

  • To uphold and represent the interests of CityDAO Citizens over your own
  • To maintain active Citizen membership (keep holding the NFT)
  • To be ACTIVELY involved in drafting the Charter and Operating Agreement. Including:
    • Participating in communications frequently (several times a week)
    • An estimated minimum of 6 hours per week for 4 weeks
    • Council meetings (best attempt, not all meetings can work for all schedules)