CIP-123: CityDAO In-Person Meetup and Team Building Proposal V2

October 1st-5th 2022

After hearing about the success of the CityDAO facilitator retreat in May, and having spoken with many of the participants, we believe it’s in CityDAO’s best interests to have another IRL meetup.

Zeno’s Family Property in Oregon

We propose to meet at a property owned by Zeno’s family near Portland, Oregon - approximately 35 min from Portland International Airport. Zeno’s property includes the following amenities:

12 beds and 3 bathrooms

TV / Internet

Pool Table

Access to Sandy River and recreation

60 acres of land

CityDAO citizens will have an entire house on the property, configured as:

  • Room A - 6 beds / 1 full bathroom
  • Room B - 4 beds / 1 full bathroom in hallway
  • Room C - 2 beds / 1 full bathroom

Camper Vans, RVs, and tents are an option as well, bring your own!

Facilitator compensation for Zeno and PatSantiago would be $500 each (USDC acceptable).

Cost to rent the house is $850/night (USDC acceptable).

Travel Stipend- Distance traveled * 0.10 = USDC received

Example- If you travel 5,300 miles you get $530 USDC

A capped budget of $20,000 to be spent on lodging, food, travel stipend, and extracurricular expenses.


Relationship and team building- Talking in person over the course of days will bring great benefit in connecting people and solidifying teams working on upcoming projects such as CIP 100 etc. With the main objective being expedited decision making and broad strategy setting.


Love the idea, glad to be helping with this :fire:

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This sounds like an awesome idea!


As with previous IRL gatherings, I think it’s unreasonable to ask Citizens for whom travel is not feasible to subsidize the travel of those for whom it is.

I’m all in favor of these gatherings and would invite more people to meet more people IRL; I see no reason to allocate DAO funds to facilitate that, however.

I don’t agree , we need spend the money on the next land (that’s can be used),no the P0.

My vote puts it over the 20, though I would at least put a thought to considering a different date. The proposed date is within 3 weeks of today, it could make it difficult for people to attend. (myself included)

I too would prefer a different date but we’re also facing the changing weather, I assume.

I’d be a fan of pushing the dates out as well, same reasoning, but either way fully support initiatives like this to spend time IRL!

would also love to push the dates out.

Are there any planned events or is this just a free AirBnB and airfare perk for interested and available Citizens?

Example event: Rah Band - Sam the samba man (1983) - YouTube dance party

Hey Zeno- now that this passed what’s the logistics looking like for making it happen?

I’m not sure it passed. The quorum would be 500 NFTs. While our system is currently problematic (since it unnecessarily uses quadratic numbers to count votes), Snapshot shows 179 + 32 votes = 211 votes. We would have to count the NFTs by hand through looking at all the wallets, but it may not have achieved a quorum of 500 NFTs.

The proposed dates for this meetup has already passed.