CIP 19: Basic Accounting

Hey all. In line with the recent transparency proposal I’d like to setup some basic accounting tracking software for CityDAO’s on and off-chain assets.

Off- chain accounting can be accomplished with QuickBooks Online, at 180 USD/yr

On-chain accounting can be tracked through a number of options, but ZenLedger seems professional at 149 USD/yr. Of all the options, it’s UI seems nicest. There are also free-to-use web based options for tracking defi, such as

I propose we authorize a spend of roughly 400/USDC to create accounts on both TokenTax and Quickbooks in order to establish a framework for future accountants. It would be to our benefit to get on top of things before we get too deep in transactions.

The alternative is to seek out a professional crypto accountant now, though it may be cost prohibitive. Long-term this is something we should definitely be doing.

Edited to change from TokenTax to ZenLedger.


To add to this, I’ve reached out for info on Llama but have yet to hear back, will keep updated there.

Full support from me.

Excited about this, let’s do it. We might need 2 solutions, need to log off-chain transactions like land purchases (wish they could all be on chain though)

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That’s what the Quickbooks is for, our off-chain bank account/land purchases!


Seems like very good idea :+1:

Great, more and more regular! :laughing:

@brian this sounds great! What are next steps / what support do you need? I have some accounting and Quickbooks background that I can offer.

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good,I support it,this is very good idea

Yes! And I also want to reiterate that there should be some level of ‘de minimus’ expenses that the core team is authorized to spend each month for the operation and maintenance of the DAO. (With some sort of transparent reporting at the end of the month in the monthly operating statement.)

Is the number 1000 USdC equivalent? 1500? Is it cumulative or a fresh start each month? These are the things we should be debating.

But yes, I listened to the call and there was pretty good concensus on this issue from what I remember. Of course, we should 100% get whatever software the finance team working on this says we need.

Well, I think it’ll just be a matter of setting up QBO properly. Gladly take your help/eyes/advice! Let’s connect on discord