Citydao can invest in non-Security assets under treasury diversification, and Cosmos is one of the most suitable candidates at the moment. There is an expectation of at least 50% profit for an investment of 100k usd Let’s strengthen the citydao treasury.


It absolutely cannot be overstated how terrible of an idea it is to start gambling the treasury on random crypto investment opportunities. The risk profile of random staking or tokens like this is unacceptable for the treasury of a City, and should absolutely never be considered.

That said, if we were to ever consider something as stupid as this, we should require a much more rigorous investment thesis than “there’s 50% upside” and two random charts.

What does COSMOS do?
Why is it valuable?
What is their history?
Who are their competitors?
Why COSMOS over any of the other multitude of possible investments?
What is the business case for upside success?
What is the upside? How did you calculate this? What data do you have to support this?
What conditions would need to happen to achieve that upside?
What is the downside and the risks? How did you calculate this? What data do you have to support this?
What conditions would need to occur to trigger those risks?
What is the purchase strategy? Is this a buy and hold or is there an exit point for upside and downside? How did you come up with that strategy? What data backs that up as a good idea?
What conflicts of interest do you have to propose this investment? Do you hold the token yourself and would you gain personally from any market movement triggered by a buy?

Again, to reiterate, this is a bad idea and should never be considered. But if you don’t bring the rigorous analysis or data that any city manager or investment manager would need to even consider something like this, why even waste the time creating this proposal?


Dswarner ? :hatching_chick:

Abi bu enayiler ne anlarlar yatırımdan yatırım çeşitlendirmeden vs.
Bu asalaklara sadece parayı ver partilesinler veya Nemus gibi Surge women gibi hiçbir işe yaramayan projelere harcasınlar :slight_smile:
Sevgiyle kal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The only thing I would suggest would be Bitcoin and Ethereum, (Chainlink optional).

Apart from that City DAO can invest in tokenized RWA following compliance standards and owning real estate over the world.

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Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov quoted on

@YahooFinanceTV: “I think the Asian markets, especially Hong Kong and Singapore, will be at the forefront of Bitcoin and digital currency adoption this year. This is mainly because the regulators in those regions have more progressive and open-minded views towards digital assets, and seemed committed to making the region a leading jurisdiction from them."

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I am not @bubbles42. Stop this, Tarkan. I don’t know who @bubbles42 is but stop assuming that I am using multiple accounts or sybils. It is offensive, stupid, and incorrect.

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The same could be said for his ‘treasury management’ proposal, which this was explained many times why it was deemed unacceptable, but he wanted to make it about NATO or something.

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We have done limited token swaps with partners, but ultimately those failed too.

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