Discord Compromised - Updates and New Chat

TLDR: A fake (but Twitter verified!) journalist account reached out to me on Twitter offering to write an article about CityDAO for The Block. They sent me a link that claimed to be a consent form, which I clicked, which ran Javascript and stole my Discord token.

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Discord Support Tickets:


Been radio silence from Discord’s Trust and Safety team for 3 days. My account is still disabled and if anyone can help elevate these tickets, please let me know.
Here’s what happened:

What happened:

  • I was DM’d on Twitter by a verified account with lots of followers claiming to be a journalist for The Block here https://twitter.com/Yuazzi0x

  • I answered some questions about CityDAO, I’ve done this countless times for journalists, and responded.

  • They asked me to fill out a consent form on their fake website before publishing: https://theblock.fi/ (Insane that I fell for it in retrospect….journalists definitely don’t need consent to publish.)

  • When I pressed the button, it said to drag it to the bookmarks bar and press it to verify so it could grant me a verified role in Discord. I did it and it executed some Javascript that gave them my Discord token.

Will try to keep this thread updated with the latest, but for now, let’s move the conversation to Telegram:

so what actions will you and city dao be taking to remedy this action? as a result of your blunder, it directly has affected many people.

The communication about the incident and compromise should have been blasted on every social media as soon as it happened to, above and beyond, PROTECT THE CITIZENS. There were 2 posts on twitter, mostly bitching about not getting discord supports help, and nothing was posted to the forum until I posted about it. This is egregious on all levels.

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Update: The Discord has been recovered.

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Sending messages in the discord is still disabled, is there an ETA for fixing this?

Also, I’d like to respond to your new message about the CIP but can’t reply to anything marked CIP. How do I fix that?

Waiting on Discord for a fix. Also, you should be able to comment now.