ETHDenver Event

As you may be aware Permissionless in Miami was approved as event expenditure up to 100k in May.

ETHDenver is coming up in February and Citydao has been accepted as a speaker and build week contestant. During this week, citizens who want to participate will be invited to help us in the hack to build a product for ETHDenver hackathon.

This product will be designed to aid citydao in its efforts going forward. For this development week, we are proposing that Citydao rents a space to accommodate the hackathon and citizens that want to stay here.

This space will sleep 8-12 citizens and will also be the official citydao event space. For this event we would also propose helping citizens with costs and marketing for the event as they are spending 10 days working full time for citydao so the least we could offer is accommodation and food.

We are proposing a 15k budget for the entire week event and will be developing a product that can be implemented once the week is completed.

This 15k budget will come from the already approved Permissionless event budget.


I will be giving a talk about CityDAO at ETHDenver and am supportive of a space for CityDAO folks to hang out and build together!


Anyone interested in hacking can fill out this form: