Build something at Parcel-0 with QV and QF

Awesome. So do we have some quotes and options? I feel like we are all heading towards a Totem with the guestbook you can sign with your NFT. Also with a bit of info about CityDAO. We just need some options to vote on. Were any artists or designs looked at?

This is an amazing idea.

To add another aspect:

What if we openly ask for our community to submit structure designs? (art, residential, co-working, lab, museum, etc…) to have a variety of creative options, and ask our community to QV top 3 they’d like to build.

@kkopczyn Please let us know your best ideas regarding fire safety if this is to proceed. You have been to the parcel, you understand the risks. Camping is not the best fit for Parcel 0 IMO but if it is to be the direction, please make sure this consideration is at the forefront.

There are NO insurance policies to cover liabilities arising from a wild fire caused by careless practices of our INVITEES. Lets be very smart about this please.

@Casey what is the current situation regarding these efforts? The project started as a way to ensure INVITEES could agree to our rules and regs, and now has splintered into hidden DMs. I am not aware of the status if you could please provide an update for everyone?

Hi @DenverCitizen9 welcome back to being more involved, love that. All of this has already been handled.

Parcel 0 holders already have the final say in what is to happen respecting Parcel 0.

Also to all readers - the Parcel 0 treasury is quite minimal, just be aware of that as we continue to brainstorm.

This was mostly all my doing. We were talking about using QV in a more trivial manner as practice before a Parcel 1 vote. I don’t think you missed out on any conversations, though I could be wrong. More that I just pulled this out of nowhere lol.

Here are some initial concept designs that were floated around:

I think where we last left it we had “decided” that a physical gate really wasn’t the look we were going for and instead focus primarily on the signage/sensors/power supply/wallet connection software piece as the priority.

We haven’t moved this much further beyond concept stage and mockups yet. There are some tricky problems around cell service out there, so we’d need to install a signal booster if we wanted people to actually be able to sign in to a guestbook on site.

Would love to figure out how to conceal or include the tech piece into the art side of things with the totem.

Also, based on CIP-14 (Snapshot) there are already some funds that been approved and allocated to this project (about half remain).

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See my reply to Scott. This is essentially where things are still - just in the concept phase. James was going to start looking into scoping out how much this would all cost, but there hasn’t been much more movement. I’ll see if we can create project specific channel for this right now so the conversation is more out in the open.

Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it. Well, I would love to put something up for a vote. The beauty of this is the vote is just to see which options citizens like best. Then it is up to a Quadratic Funding process. If no one wants it, no one will fund it. Just an experiment to see what happens.

The neighbor said they would build a gate for us for free…

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Good points! I’m not familiar with matters like that. What would suggest? Is there a way absolve the DAO / Parcel 0 LLC of fire risk? How do campgrounds in MT do it?

@wdclapp can help answer from a legal perspective for MT, but in general, the government has immunity. It also wouldnt be the government’s fault if someone did something leading to a wildfire - they would hold the person who caused it responsible. (Interesting story about those wildfires from Oregon a few years ago and the “kid” who started them).

The obvious difference here is that we have no such immunity as a private property owner and will not get any insurance protection for claims arising from a wildfire. The liability from a wildfire arising on our land may be the official “responsibility” of the person who caused it, but when those lawsuits get filed, they’ll be naming CityDAO LLC as a defendant as well, no matter how you slice it. Even if some legal theory ends up insulating us, itll be terrible PR, a costly defense, and ultimately will negatively impact the lives of the community. Given the wildfire last year in this area that killed a woman, we should just be very mindful is my only point

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let’s just execute on something. how about a statue of vitalik and satoshi

Cool. I will put up a CIP in the new format. Let’s get something done.

@ScottA I think we will only get something done with a more action-oriented proposal. For example, we come up with 3 ideas and the DAO can choose which to fund using QV.

One crazy idea: It’s a statue of Vitalik and the size is determined by a QV funding round. Basically the more we raise, the bigger the statue gets…lol it’s so memeable that it might work

@scottfits OMG Yes. I love it. Alright. 3 options with that as one.

  1. Totem
  2. Bench
  3. Statue of Vitalik

Build and he will come. If we have a statue of Vitalik he has to come to get a picture with it right?

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i would love to fund a bench and statue of vitalik…

im envisioning a website where the more money you ape in, the larger the statue gets in real time loll

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Hilarious. I love it. Also, it builds on the Satoshi statue in Budapest, which has become a kind of pilgrimage site.

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@Casey @kkopczyn I’d like to help estimate this improvement for budgeting. :hammer_and_wrench:

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