Build something at Parcel-0 with QV and QF

I propose using Quadratic Voting (QV) to choose a totem, artwork, or some type of physical symbol to place at Parcel-0. We should nominate a minimum of three choices to use QV optimally. Ideally, we can get a price estimate of each option beforehand.

Once the vote is done, we will use Quadratic Funding (QF) to have it built. We will have to get a reasonably accurate estimate of the cost. Then we use a QF equation to raise money – this would be fun. Basically, like a fundraiser where we need to reach some goal. If citizens donate enough such that the total amount required is reached, thus citizens’ donations + matched amounts from CityDAO = amount required, we build it!

Ideally, we get something built, but even if we don’t, the process will teach everyone about QV and QF.



I support this completely; however it should be done on Parcel 1. The topography of Parcel 0 is not fit for the tourism that such a totem would lend itself to. Bootstrapping a City contains my full thoughts; TLDR: a totem of cultural significance that requires making a pilgrimage at personal cost will organically result in a tourism industry, the first step to building a city from nothing, as evidenced by Marfa, TX.


The problem with this is the goal is to use QV on something more trivial before we vote on parcel-1 (a really important vote). In theory, everyone can vote. If no one feels it is really worth funding, then it won’t get built. Then, we can redo it for parcel-1. I think it all comes down to cost. I don’t see why we can’t put up something fairly cheap. Where I guess fairly cheap is TBD.

I can see Will’s point. We don’t necessarily want to encourage travel to Parcel 0, as it’s not the easiest place to reach. However, having been there, I also don’t think too many people will really go. I also see Scott’s point, that this would be a good experiment to run before Parcel 1.

It is a fair point re tourism. I suppose what I am thinking is more symbolic really. Just something to mark the area as having importance, but not something that is really going to draw tourists. We can redo the process with parcel-1 and allocate a much larger budget, thus building something that will actually draw people there, tourists, etc.

Outside of the tourism conversation, I’d love to see a brainstorm on what could be added to parcel 0 given the terrain and conditions.

I don’t see the QV/QF experiment being that compelling here. We’re switching to QV already, and QF for more-or-less the same use cases is being used in a mature fashion at Gitcoin. Outside of the novelty of using them IRL for the first time within the CityDAO cultural canon, what’s the variable we’re testing here, @ScottA?

Not testing anything. The sentiments for this just come from a thread about practicing QV before we vote on Parcel-1. Parcel-1 will be a critical vote. Call it a practice run.

I’m very in favor of a practice run - and specifically for CityDAO Citizens. So even though this may have been done in other places like Gitcoin, I think there is a lot of value to doing it here too.

I’m torn on a totem being too much of a draw… but if we are worried about that, then lets pick something else that is low stakes but still fun, and helps us practice (the main goal). Something like a Meme Contest part 2. Or Pick the next guest of the CityDAO podcast - we can really reach here and then whoever wins we can tweet them and be like “the people have spoken!!! they want you!” Something like that. Maybe something with merch designs? Pick one that is the “official CityDAO T-shirt” but the other options can still be printed. I’m just riffing here, but maybe that sparks some ideas.


I think the simplest / most useful thing would be a small community center to support people camping.


  1. Septic, bathroom, shower
  2. Shared kitchen
  3. Common room

And then provide power for people to plug in and be able to camp.

Have a gate to enable access restrictions.

Whole thing can be done for relatively low cost and will make parcel 0 useable.

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And then put a totem on the property, and now there is a reason for people to visit in addition to the landscape and views. Make it so there is a POAP given for visiting and a way for people to record a message or addition to the totem.

I think a totem is a fun lightweight way to do something that could turn into a fun landmark for the DAO. Let’s do it.

Who would be the best person to talk to about getting a Totem constructed. I know Josh is down there for a good part of the year. I recall a few other citizens living close by. Nice if we could price out 3 or more different options to vote on.

I like these ideas. But feel the Totem can come first, just in it will take less time and coordination to build.

Why not just put a CIP together with what you would envision the totem being and get the 3 price quotes on there and put it to vote?

That’s a good idea. I will try to do that. I was just saying it will take less
time, but that means I should get at it lol. Thanks.

Fun idea, but I would pause this discussion.

Main reason being that a new Parcel-0, LLC is formed (or will be formed?) and Parcel-0 holders will have full governance rights related to P0. Also, there will be a use agreement between CityDAO and Parcel0 which could affect this.

A big reason for this was that people wanted to offload P0 onto Parcel-0 NFT holders, because they felt that it was distracting from CityDAO. I don’t think they will want to revisit now, especially since we are ~3 weeks away from dropping the NFTs.

This would be a great first project for the new LLC/P0 NFT holders, just a little too early given the timing of upcoming changes.

This is a good point. Though I don’t think we need to wait. The main reason is this would be a symbolic thing, a totem commemorating CityDAO’s involvement. So not development but more of a symbol of what has taken place. We could decide then when it comes to funding it, perhaps rethink and pause. The idea was citizens could donate, then CityDAO could match with a QF formula. But maybe it would be Parcel-0 as a separate entity doing that? But I think we can discuss and move to a vote in the meantime.

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There’s already a group working on ideas around installing a welcome sign with some basic info about the parcel and some type of “guestbook” that you’d sign with parcel-0 nft. So this is great timing to run this experiment. The more funding we raise/approve from community, the more this sign becomes a totem. 100 percent support


Agreed no need to pause, if people don’t like it they won’t vote for it.