CIP-111 Update - Proposal Review [SNAPSHOT LIVE]

This post is an update on CIP-111 and below is the proposal that will be going to snapshot pending confirmation of space availability and suggested updates.



DAO Labs will be an innovation hub to build for aspiring and current Web3 enthusiasts, developers, engineers, designers and community members.

Co-working spaces such as WeWork are expensive and adopt a corporate and formal culture, one that struggles to embrace and encourage innovation and creative thinking.

DAOLabs aims to provide these creators and innovators with a new type of working model that seeks to be engaging, and fair and promotes building and innovation.

DAOLabs does this in a number of ways;

The Launch

The launch of DAOLabs Denver will provide citizens with free access to the DAOLabs for the first 90 days of Launch. During this time, the DAOLabs team aims to finalise the development of the Partial Common Ownership business model and the future development of the project.

Future Benefits

  1. Off-Peak free access to Citizens
  2. xx hours worth of free access passes per month
  3. Priority Booking during on-peak hours


DAOLabs proposes Denver, Colorado as the initial location. This is due to a number of factors such as:

  1. Reasonable lease prices: Lease prices in Denver are better valued than in some other researched states such as NY, TX, FL, CA, Etc
  2. Denver’s Tech Community: Denver is known for its bustling tech and startup community.
  3. ETHDenver: This is one of the largest crypto events and having a location where we can facilitate a space for people to build throughout the event, but also gain publicity through the event.
  4. Central Location: Denver, CO is quite a central location to other states in the USA.
  5. Denver is extremely close to both Parcel 0 and Parcel Blanca and can act as a hub/lab between the two.

Future Locations

Pending the success of DAOLabs Denver, DAOLabs aims to open a number of similar spaces to be used by citizens around the globe.


DAOLabs aims to be community driven. Certain amounts of capital can be allocated by the community to upgrade the locations for their benefit and at their specification.

QV Funding

DAOLabs will utilise QV Funding models to fund projects within the locations. The goal of this is to fund startups and projects in the DAOLabs space in a fair and efficient manner.


Members of DAOLabs can earn sponsorship for themselves and their teams. This is done through our sponsors and aims to provide top projects and individuals with the opportunity to bootstrap their development.

Partial Common Ownership -Desk Lease

Partial Common ownership (PCO) is a new form of ownership and of managing assets that is fairer and more efficient than those under capitalism or communism.

In PCO or Plural Property assets belong to no one and everyone. An asset’s current possessor must self-assess and declare its value. Based on the self-assessed value, they pay a fee, which can be used to fund public goods, or distributed as a social dividend. If somebody bids more for that asset, current possessors sell it for their self-assessed value, resulting in more benefits for the public.

DAOLabs Inherits Mechanisms from PCO and Plural Property to create a unique ownership model for our builder Space.

Users of the space will have the ability to view all of the desks available each day.

Desks may utilise a lease structure incorporating PCO to obtain the maximum economic benefit from each desk and location allowing DAOLabs to grow at an optimal rate.


CIP-111 proposes the following:

  • Full support from CityDAO for media assistance and coordination

  • $162,500 to cover the lease of the property for 1 year.

  • $37,500 to cover any other incurred expenses until the space has a positive cash flow
    *Incurred expenses include design & development budget, travel costs, insurance, maintenance etc.

  • $20,000 Compensation to the team for execution and setup of the space


Snapshot Completion Date: 15th October 2022

Lease engagement: 16th September - 22nd October 2022

Lease Start Date: 10th November 2022

DAOLabs Opening: 11th November 2022

DAOLabs Business Model and Software Refinement: 1st February 2023


Milestone 1: Snapshot Completion

Milestone 2: Space Lease and Organisation

Milestone 3: Partners Onboarding

Milestone 4: Space Launch and Citizen Introduction


CIP-111 aims to deliver the following to CityDAO Community:

Business Opportunity

Space for citizens

Space to try real-life experiments

Partnership Opportunities

DAOLabs will aim to establish partnerships with the following entities in technology and Web3.

  • Venture Capitalist Firms: To provide support and assistance to sponsor projects in DAOLabs
  • Technology Groups: To advance the adoption of web3 into web2 through DAOLabs projects
  • Major Blockchain Protocols: To provide support and assistance to sponsor projects in DAOLabs.


  1. Oisin Lyons (Lyons800) - Lead on Space
  2. Konrad - Operations Assist
  3. Josh - Real estate

Next Steps

  1. Pass Snapshot Proposal
  2. Create CIP-111 Team Multi-sig
  3. Send $220,000 from the main treasury to the multisig
  4. Off-ramp funds if necessary for proof of funding requirements on lease.

The compensation level seems kind of low. I think it should be higher but milestones built in. So for example, instead of 20k it should be 20k each -
5k to start - 5k on first milestone (entity setup & lease execution) - 5k on second milestone - interior design completed and ordered. 5k on third milestone - setup complete.

Also as a technical (and somewhat related) issue - the ‘Deliverables’ in this proposal are more like ‘Citydao Goals Met’ where deliverables would be more like the above

This compensation should be considered as initial comp for the setup of the space. If there is on going milestones then by all means, additional comp will be presented in a second CIP.

Happy to change the deliverables to a milestone basis.