CIP 140 - 0be1isk


0be1isk - A design concept for a Parcel 0 Monument.


In response to the RFP for a Parcel 0 Monument and taking into consideration the results of the previous community input poll, 0be1isk is a design concept proposal for CityDAO’s flagship parcel.

At this moment in time, Parcel 0 has been underutilized and the opportunity is ripe to build a monument of significance that embodies the ideals of this community.

For a comprehensive overview of the design, please take a look at this slide deck.

You can also experience the concept in the metaverse.

Please note, should the community outline their interest in proceeding with this design concept, this proposal will be amended before going to a formal CIP vote on snapshot.

Project Team

bitTorin - Project Architect

A team of 2-3 additional individuals will be formed to oversee the completion of this project. A rough outline of the roles and responsibilities include:

  • Project Manager - interview general contractors, create construction schedule, coordinate construction logistics
  • Architectural Designer - support architectural design documentation and revisions based on community feedback
  • Business Development Lead - secure industry partnerships, lead crowdfunding efforts to reduce burden on CityDAO Treasury

If there is another role you think should be included in the project team and/or you have a desire to be a part of this project, please message message me on Discord @ bitTorin#0506.

Proposal Budget

This section will be amended prior to a formal CIP vote through collaboration with project team members above.

Timeline and Deliverables


  • Form project team
  • Submit formal CIP of this proposal for funds related to project team compensation, procurement of a site surveyor, structural engineer, and soil boring/sampling of Parcel 0.
  • Coordinate design workshops and generate buzz for the project at ETHDenver
  • Complete site survey


  • Schedule meeting w/ Park County Planning and Zoning Department
  • Present design concept at Park Country Planning meeting on 3/15
  • Take soil samples if required by structural engineer (may have limitations due to freezing conditions)
  • bitTorin to obtain reciprocal architect’s license in Wyoming
  • Sourcing the right materials partners, general contractors. Obtain quotes.
  • Explore crowdfunding opportunities to reduce burden on CityDAO treasury
    • Quadratic funding model for construction cost w/ aligned DAOs & industry partners? (piggybacking off of CIP-68 and @ScottA’s ideas)


  • Submitting a stamped drawing set for permit review
  • Formalize construction costs
  • Additional CIP for construction funds


  • Construction schedule (TBD)

October 29, 2023

  • Grand opening of Parcel 0 Monument - 2 year anniversary of original land purchase


Unable to secure enough funding for construction

Backlash from the local community in Park County, WY.

Unable to secure building permit.

Construction timeline pushed due to weather constraints, contractor issues.


As @DAOvolution mentioned in Discord, carrying through with this design concept would also require an amendment to CIP-14.

bitTorin to obtain a reciprocal Architect’s license in WY.

Need zoning approvals for any structures erected on the land.

The CityDAO Treasury funds allocated to this proposal design contract will be completed under a standard AIA owner-architect contract with bitTorin’s design firm - Studio OAE LLC as the architect of record. This measure will prevent CityDAO LLC from extenuating professional liability concerns regarding the design.


A special thanks goes out to @alexthims, @ScottA, and @DenverCitizen9 for their help providing background information and guidance over the last couple months.


Big support here. While there are issues with what can and can’t be done on parcel-0, and who would actually vote on the CIP if so, I think this is worth exploring. With QF it wouldn’t need to be a huge cost for CityDAO. I know me and @bitTorin have talked about this, and we both agree, that for better or worse, Parcel-0 is still what is in the news the most, it is what people ask about when they ask about CityDAO. CityDAO is attached to it, it would be really cool to do something meaningful and eyecatching. I think the design is just… well to quote lyons “sick”

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Agreed that there may be logistical issues with this on zoning etc… but is a great idea and should absolutely be explored.


Dude I love it. So many great features of this. The fact that it is a communication tower is perfect in so many ways. The portal… the QR code from the air… awesome. So many little nuances of this to bridge the digital and physical.


I’m not so sure although I’ll have to look in more detail at the proposal but the CIP 14 says ‘primarily for conservation and wildlife.’ (emphasis added) a cell tower/statue probably wouldn’t violate that. Especially because the slabs/voxels could be made environmentally friendly (with habitats built in).

What would you estimate the total cost would be to get us through April?

The total cost of design and construction?

Maybe we could sell voxels as ads that people could stamp a QR into or something.

It would require a special use permit and it seems there is local community push back against another tower in a nearby location. It’s a bit of a hot topic currently (article).

Ultimately we don’t want CityDAO to be a bad neighbor with the local community and I don’t think we want to engage in a lengthy zoning battle either.

At this point, I am leaning towards repurposing the communication tower concept for a different CityDAO parcel of land and amending the monument design for Parcel 0.

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I absolutely love this idea!

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Cool idea, and appreciate the thought that went into this proposal.

The renderings in the deck were epic!