CityDAO Improvement Proposal (CIP) 1: Allocate $250 for SaaS tools

Shall we authorize the following spending

Webflow website builder at | $56
Discourse - proposal discussion tool at | $100
And have ~$100 /mo left over for future SaaS tools

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Would the extra 100$ remain in the treasury, just allocated/earmarked for future SaaS expenses?

Agree, there needs to be more clarity regarding future use of the funds (e.g. is a subsequent proposal required to to use those earmark funds or can those earmark funds be used by somebody or some group without DAOwide proposal). If it’s the former I wouldn’t bother earmarking funds, if it’s the latter a definition of how those earmarked funds will be governed in the delegated sense would be great.


To clarify, these costs are per month? If so, is it better to authorize a years worth of expenses so that you don’t pay more in gas to move it?


Was there ever any discussion that these are the correct tools?

I tend to agree with Brian on this post:

why aren’t we just using discord?

Discord rolled out thread capability network wide on 31Aug2021 which largely provides similar functionality as Discourse without the OpEx required. Besides keeps the community within Discord.

I vote yes on this CIP but in the future would like to see a more flexible discretionary budget approved for operating expenses. Such as up to $1k a month, who manages it (bridge to fiat), and where a simple ledger is kept. This way the teams can move forward day-to-day without fatiguing the governance project with small costs.

Discord is great but it isn’t the right tool for maintaining institutional knowledge around governance. For example things get lost and edit history is poor. The gold standard for DAOs is Discord + Discourse + Snapshot.


Agreed. This is below what I think a reasonable limit should need to be to make such decisions. That said, usage of funds needs to be transparent and somehow easily reported.

Another SaaS expense to keep in mind is Mapbox. It’s free up to 50,000 map renderings per month on web. Once you hit 50,000 it starts at $5 / 1,000 renders (so $250 a month to start) and gets cheaper per 1k as you use more.

Not sure what traffic will look like but those earmarked funds may be good for uses like this. Need quickly deployable capital for crucial services that could become more expensive with a spike in traffic (hosting costs as well).