How CityDAO can help - Turkey Earthquake

Hello everyone,

This CIP aims to deliver something else…

Yesterday, we faced a big earthquake. Now we’re dealing once again the damage it has done to citizens of Turkey. Many casualities, many wounded… You can check the news for more details.

As Tr community, we want to help as CityDAO to our local citizens who are facing many problems such as food, shelter, clothing and many more…

Many brands, organizations, companies, DAOs started campaigns and try to help locals in many ways. They need help badly.


We ask for 9.000 $ to deliver to a spesific organization called ;

Twitter / ahbap

which is a reputable organization founded by ;

Twitter / haluklevent

We know that they would collab with governorship and help this donation spent in the best way.

How ?

CityDAO treasury could sent the funds to me (via metamask) and i personally will deliver the equal amount to the organization via bank.
No compensation
Bank transactions and proof will be shared after.
If you do have another idea how we can do this, pls share

Risk ?

The funds will transfer to an individual
Thats why i would recommend to use KYC. I can share my info if needed

Why CityDAO would do this ?

To show the space that DAOs can do it
To lead other DAOs
To help people in need
To support TR community
To increase brand awareness

Waiting for your comments, if you want this CIP goes to snapshot, pls give a LIKE !

Thanks in advance.


Guys, we need your help. The earthquakes destroyed nearly 10 cities, it is said that a village has been wiped out. We’re just watching TV with tears because of sorrow and because of doing nothing. Pray for our beloved country, Turkey!


I support this. Here’s a link for ahbap, but included some other organizations that apear reputable.


Medecins Sans Frontieres: Türkiye | MSF medical and humanitarian aid

Turkish Red Crescent:

An alternate and probably better way to move funds would be to use The Giving Block. ETH/USDC are accepted and gives us a safe/reputable channel for donating.

An Organization I found on The Giving Block is:

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I couldnt drop links somehow, tnx for that.

I’m more than ok which way we’ll use to move funds.

ps : Ahbap do not accept crypto donations btw

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I agree with @alexthims that we should have a safe/reputable channel for donating, rather than sending a transaction to an individual’s wallet. No offense, @simplepixellife.

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non taken… Whatever works for DAO is fine by me.

I just want to help, start something good & new, increase awareness and supoort people

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The founder announced that they will accept crypto donation for a week, but i guess we wont make it on time

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I fully support this CIP.

We just need to make sure the funding actually goes into relief effort and not be skimmed along the way

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I am confident @simplepixellife would ensure integrity around all aspects of the process

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I support this.

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I’m sure they will continue to accept crypto

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I do not support this. For all I know it could be a scam using the events as argument.
But mainly, this has nothing to do with cityDAO and should be handled by individuals, not by the collective.