Nico for CityDAO Council

Discord username: Syntonikka #5665
ETH Address: syntonikka.eth

About Me
Hi everyone! My name is Nico and I’d like to apply to be a part of the CityDAO council.

My background is in game development and I’m familiar with things like: 2D design, 3D environment modeling & character animation, software engineering, sound design, and mixed reality interactions with VR and mobile AR.

I’m fascinated by the concept of creating imaginary worlds and structures. One of my favorite books is Imaginary Cities by Italo Calvino. You can find some of my early works at

Other than creating digital art, games and interactions, I’ve also spent some time delving into education. I worked as a part time professor teaching Game Design and Animation at Parsons in NYC, and was working on Augmented Reality prototypes and tutorials for Snapchat in the last 2 years. You can find some of my work here:

Create Your Own Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt:

Tutorial on Ground Segmentation in AR:

Proposal for CityDAO swag ^_^:

My vision for the future of CityDAO

I started falling into the DAO rabbit hole a few months back and CityDAO has been one of the most exciting discoveries so far. The idea of creating decentralized autonomous future cities is immensely fascinating and I want to do everything within my capability to help facilitate this movement.

I believe as we are gifted with the technologies to create cities of the future, we also hold great responsibilities to design systems to build a just, sustainable, and humane community, where humans can live in balance and harmony with each others and mother nature.

Ideologies that I’m passionate to push forward:

  • self-reliance and sustainability
  • decentralized off-grid sustainable lifestyle
  • radical re-distribution of wealth
  • universal basic shelter & amenities
  • zero-waste economy: recycle, reuse, repurpose
  • eco friendly materials, products & infrastructures
  • shared economy and engaged community

About Decentralized Autonomous Communities

Currently I’m participating an experimental co-living project where people gather together in the desert and build a temporary structure to live, host study groups, workshops and events. This community is made of people with backgrounds and expertise in software & mechanical engineering, crypto, multi-media art, yoga, Buddhism and bio chemistry. To learn more about this project, please visit:

I’m learning a lot from this project about the necessary elements of creating self-reliant and sustainable communities, from hooking up solar panels to figuring out self-recycling shower systems, and participating in study groups from growing fungi to creating decentralized sustainable communities.

What I can contribute to the council

  • Adhering to the ideologies mentioned above when voting in issues and amendments of the future of CityDAO.
  • Provide support and take accountabilities on all CityDAO tasks
  • Help facilitate a strong and active global community for all CityDAO citizens.
  • Participate in events and contribute to community organizations both online and irl.
  • Connecting CityDAO citizens to other crypto, developer & eco-friendly communities.

Thank you for reading thru!

Thanks for reading this proposal. I’m immensely inspired at how far CityDAO has come, really looking forward to what’s next! Let’s make it happen!


That sounds amazing! I definitely support your beliefs in sustainability, re-distribution of wealth, universal basic shelter and income (I’m a member of Proof of Humanity and Bright.ID). I agree that we have a responsibility to use technology for balance and harmony!

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Mars College sounds amazing. I feel like we need more visions of how we will interact and live on the land (off chain) as we slowly build a distributed city.