Running for CityDAO Inaugural Council - Elmo

Discord username: elmo#7219

About Me

Greeting fellow citizens! First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who are reading this text right now for your dedication for the DAO’s future; it’s always good to see people putting their time and effort to make their decisions worthwhile!

I am, well, as many people know, “Elmo” (as I don’t think most of you guys can pronounce my name–which is in Thai–correctly, and it’s also my lucky name too!). I am from Bangkok, Thailand, the current hotspot of our DAO’s citizens based on the current Sobol map. And unlike many who are already here and might come up later, I have no legal background or any professional experience to refer to as I am a fresh graduate from International business program from a university.

However, being a fresh graduate doesn’t mean I have no experience! I have long been passionate about creating a society where people helping others, holding together some meaningful missions, and pursuing those missions in the way each individual is most suitable for. As such, I have pioneered and took part in many online communities in Thailand (mainly in the area of strategy game, education, and history discussion) and have been serving as admins and moderators of various FB and Line (the same as WhatsApp but in Korea and Thailand) groups.

Combined, I have a total of 10 years of community management and empowerment, together with my special ability of always trying to answering everyone’s questions and helping everyone out as soon as I see anything I might be able to give my hands (which I don’t really know if it’s what is needed in this council or not Lol).

I’m currently working as a freelance tutor and domestic Thai stock investor, so I’m almost always in front of my computer (aside from that daily 6 hours downtime, yeah). To confess, I think I should really be applying for a more admin-liked roles, but I guess my unique skills and passion in helping people might be of some use here in the council too. So, here I am. ^^

My vision for the future of CityDAO

I dream for a community where talents are put to be used at their fullest potential with friendly and welcoming atmosphere as its most important quality. The Web3 World has opened the door for people from around the world to interact freely with others and pursue the same goal regardless of distance between them. As such, CityDAO should serve as a platform that create an opportunity for anyone who join it to learn and grow in meaningful ways together.

With a strong community of contributors from all backgrounds and real physical assets at its core, we can built a new kind of decentralized society where all voices are heard and productivity is fully supported and empowered with a real physical land at its core, paving a way to numerous innovations and a brighter future for everyone.

It sounds hard to achieve, right? But, let’s try to do it together! And I’ll not regret trying to do it once in a life time no matter which outcome will finally unfold.

My opinion on what a perfect Council member is

First of, I really think “honesty” is the most important aspect of those who would like to represent the people. If one says something in front of people but aims for others, how can we really trust that person to be our representative on our interest? Honesty should be the paramount quality of any people in power no matter in which positions.

Secondly, he should be the one with high level of “empathy”. In my opinion, to hold a power to write or ratify something that will serve as a pillar of an organization for a considerable amount of time, he should be able to see and feel all the feeling of all the people he represent and not act out of his own judgement alone.

Lastly, one should also be an “open-minded” person. One’s view can not always be the best in every decision making. One who holds the power in the name of people must listen to both his or her colleagues in the council and all the people he represent. Taking in and carefully analyzing all arguments without bias, that person can make a better judgement for all the people.

Why you should vote for me

I join this community solely because I believe that here, at CityDAO, we’re at the frontier to the future of a better form of society, so it would be better for us–me included–to lend our hands during this early stage when everything is not properly set into a full motion. I might not possesses many technical qualities as other candidates for sure, but I’ll keep doing my best to ensure that this community can thrive and withstand any storm that might come in the future with all my skills. Of course, I’m not so sure yet which role I’ll assume in the council, if I were to be elected, but I will surely try my best with it!

Be it serving in this council, answering and helping people in the channels, or just reporting scam and spam in reporting-scam, I’m happy to take all of the tasks that fall within my capacity, and I would be honored if you would nominate me to take a part in this historic council!

P.s. If we strive for a more diverse council, I can also serve as a representative of Thai citizens too!


I want to say that I’ve worked with Elmo and seen him participate and believe that he is more than qualified.


Thanks, sir. Will try my best on this! Hope to see you on #public-affairs call next week. ^^

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Nice bio, Elmo! Your proactivity, attitude and English skills are impressive. And congratulations on graduation! Honesty, empathy, open-mindedness and diversity are all critical in effective leadership. It sounds like you have a great career ahead of you.


Thank you so much, sir. ^^ It’s so refreshing to see other candidates with many direct professional backgrounds that will prove to be invaluable for our DAO such as you here. Let’s try our best to advance this DAO’s vision together!


Elmo, you have been a model citizen. I have also appreciated your personal engagements with me. It would be awesome to have international representation!

Also, even if we struggle, you deserve for us to try. Please let us know how to say your name?

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Thanks a lot, sir. About my Thai name, hmm, it’s written as “Dom” but its pronunciation would be a little bit longer. To be honest, I don’t really know how to explain it right lol Call me Elmo is preferable here I guess. :sweat_smile:

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Your contributions to the DAO are critical - i deeply appreciate the simple things of making sure someone is available, helpful, and willing to get their hands dirty.

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Thanks, sir. Will always try my best at this!

Elmo is the best represent of thailand community.
Keep doing bro!!


Thanks, bro. We’ll make this history together! Wagmi!

I got some Thai connections here in South Florida if you ever make it to Miami. I will 100% introduce you.

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Will surely go visit our parcel-0 someday, sir. Would go there too!