PIP-3: Install a Sign

While installing a sign seems like a straightforward task, more than two years have passed since CityDAO acquired Parcel 0 and the flagship property still has no sign.

So it’s about time to install a sign.

As a starting point, the sign should consider the following:

  • Can withstand high winds, snow, rain and other severe weather.
  • Allows for messaging to be changed easily
  • Can be installed in hard dirt/gravel
  • Looks professional/not out-of-place


Sign/Supplies: $2,000
Installation/Labor: $1000
Project Management: $300

Installation/labor: TBD
Project Mgmt: Casey


I’m for it

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Love this! Also happy to see you posting again @Casey!

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We just need to be sure that it will withstand the wind there. Last time we went, we were told that the wind was extremely powerful. Otherwise, I think it’s a great idea.



Why we want to do that ? After 2.5 years, lets say we put a sign there, than what ? We sure we want to do and promote that ?

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I think it’s up to the Parcel 0 NFT holders to vote on it. This is a PIP, not a CIP.

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We could use some sort of “blockchain” technology where we bury a cement block in the ground as an anchor then weld the signs post to it with a chain.

And this being a PIP, and Parcel 0 having half as many holders as Citizen holders, I’m thinking I can move this to a vote with 7 likes. What do you think?