ETHIstanbul & notDEVCON

Hello Citizens :wave:

Türkiye has taken serious steps in the web 3 world in the last few years. Blockchain communities, events, hackathons, web 3 education and many more…

There are 2 global events in November that the entire web 3 community is watching.

1- ETHIstanbul
2- notDEVCON

As CityDAO, we want to take part in these big events that will take place on November 14 and 17.
Our aim will be ;

  • to increase the experience and networking we have gained over the last year, especially on the Turkish side
  • to increase our brand awareness on the community side
  • to include new communities.

Short info for each events ;
ETHIstanbul ;

  • ETHIstanbul is a dynamic Ethereum community, based in Turkey and dedicated to
    fostering growth, collaboration, and education within the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • ETHIstanbul is not just a local community; it’s a bridge that connects Ethereum
    enthusiasts, developers, and innovators, fostering collaboration and driving the
    growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Central to ETHIstanbul’s identity is the innovative Community Bridge concept, which aims to bridge Ethereum communities worldwide.

More than 1000 participants, blockchain communities, web 3 brands, hackers and many other target audiences will be here. Most importantly Vitalik is COMING ! :slight_smile:


  • Purpose is to explore the potential of blockchain technology and use it for the benefit of society

Topics to discuss at event are ;

  • Collaboration of DAOs
  • The idea of Cypherpunk
  • Nodes to decentralization
  • Right way in web 3
  • Solarpunk activism
  • Public goods
  • Cencorship resistance
  • Data privacy

650 people are expected to attend the event, where important names such as Skylar Weaver will speak.

You can view detailed information for both events from the link below.

Sponsorship as CityDAO

  • Sponsorship booth
  • Tickets for citizens
  • Social Media, Comms & PR
  • Logo placement on event materials
  • Merch
  • Meetup
  • Customized AMA session on social media channels
  • After party

Achievements for CityDAO

  • Opportunity to introduce our brand and project to the community
  • Expand connections with ecosystem
  • Meetup & IRL event for citizens
  • Networking

Total Budget : 18.000 $

Sponsorship, CityDAO booth, merch (t-shirts, hoodies, cups, rosettes, stickers), roll-ups, flyers & brochures, photographer & videographer, hostess, IRL events, misc expenses

If you want CityDAO be a part of these 2 events, pls give a like :slight_smile:


I like this, but $18K does seem high. Is there a breakdown of how the funds are going to be spent? I would imagine that merch, flyers, photographer and misc expenses (including tickets for you or SB or whoever goes) wouldn’t be much more than $2K. Is the big expense the booth? Or hosting an IRL event? Are those necessary to achieve the desired results of getting our name out there?

Also, I know that for t0wn events, ScottA had a card with our QR code on it and when people scanned it, it took them directly to our website. It was called It might be useful for you.


Actually merch will cost much more that. Expecting nearly 2.000 people so i’ll try to giveaway many as i can to community. They are into tshirts (500), stickers (2.000) and rosettes (500). Other merch will be only for citizens as they cost much more (hoodies, cups, bags 50 each). I will work with a designer for displays, roll-ups, flyers to expand brand exposure. As you said, QR code is a good choice. I’m thinking to insert the code in our logo and print it as a sticker (hopefully people use them at their laptop).

Here is the breakdown ;

Sponsorship : 8 K $
Design and Construction of booth : 1.5 K $
IRL event : 2 K $
Merch : 4 K $
Photographer & Videographer : 500 $
Roll-ups : 200 $
Hostess : 100 $
Misc expenses : 1.7 K $

Actually as these 2 events are so important for web 3 community, i would like to show CityDAO’s real potential to people. That’s why the whole plan will be worked professionally. There is one month to go and many things to do. Hopefully will make it on time.


For the comparison, that’s more then we spent in Denver for CityDAO lounge. Our budget was 15 and about half was a minimum food buy from the venue. We also had grants funds and a partnership with DAO Planet to reduce the spend to the treasury.


How many people do you have to hand out thousands of merch. That sounds like an overkill. Print 100 and make them exclusive.
Design and construction of booth is a rediculous cost. What are we building a float.
For our IRL event we use the space and the required spend to create an event for basically free. We just needed to organize it. We had a bunch of events and didn’t need this kind of spend.
What are roll ups?
A hostess. Lmao…You forgot someone to walk behind citizens with a large fan like the pharaoh.
Way to extravagant for what this is intended to be and the intent of CityDAO.


I also think this is a good initiative to have, but I am willing to admit the budget does seem high.

On the one hand, if I am reading this correctly this encompasses two separate events?

On the other hand, we could potentially pass out less items to help reduce cost?

Misc. expenses includes food, reasonable transport, etc?


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I dont want to make comparison but ETH Denver got a budget of 17.5 K + i remember we got funds from grant guild right ?

Also its not the same i’m planning to do here. As far as i know, we rent a lounge and thats it (maybe accomodation aslo ?)

For these events as you can see above, we’ll be the sponsors for both. Official logo use and all… I wanted to go pro with this, marketing initiative. Like a real event. Not only attend it but get attraction of web 3 community

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Exactly. 2 separate events 2 different times.

Misc like you said includes expenses for the agency. Food, transport, setup of booth etc… I’ll be working there whole day but i’ll need help for background operations.

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The Denver event included housing for 20 people and some transportation in the US as well so thank you for further highlighting the frivolousness of this plan. When you factor the cost of living difference in the US vs turkey it’s way extravagant.

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I personally think the budget is too high. $4k on merch is a bit too high for me since we don’t really need to give out to ALL event attendees. Also, I think it would be better if you justify why $18k is worth spending. My concern is that we’re spending 18k for networking and informing people about CityDAO, but we can’t actually track or validate how worth this investment is.


Actually we wont give all the attendess. 2.000 people are expected yet i’m planning to produce 500 tshirts and rosettes (i’ve been told that people love rosettes. So the plan is to create a design including CityDAO and ETH logo). Sticker 2.000 cause they relatively cost less

Its the dilemma of marketing. You cant really measure all your marketing activities’ value. Adv, billboards, radio, outdoor, social media and all… A brand can invest all or some of them, but its hard to figure it out the worth to sale.

The thing is, these 2 events are very important for international and Turkish web 3 community and i think it would be nice they hear about CityDAO

ps : We dont have much time (1 month to go). After forum, there is still 1 week for snapshot. I’m not sure we can make all merch, maybe we have to reduce the quantity after all

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What are the concrete goals coming out of these events? If possible, SMART goals would be appreciated to better evaluate the “value-add” to City DAO.

I’m very supportive of sharing the message of CityDAO and bringing in new contributors for us to work with

That being said, ETH Toronto was completed with an approx $2k budget, and this proposal is looking for almost 10x more money than ETH Toronto had, can you confidently say that your proposal here will provide 10x more value than ETH Toronto did?

If this proposal can provide 10x more value than ETH Toronto, or anywhere close to that much extra value, then I’m all in for it

If it cannot, then I think there’s some creative ways you/we can all be involved with ETHIstanbul at only a fraction of the cost outlined in this proposal

For reference, have a look at what was done at ETH Toronto, happy to brainstorm on this with you further ETH Toronto – One Page Summary - Google Docs


First off all, i guess it would be good to remind again its not one event. This proposal is for 2 events at the same week.


As you know, ETH Toronto is a personel effort of yours. Here, we’re talking about for a complete sponsorship for both of organization with a complete professional plan.

With the sponsorship, we will expose our brand at stage, at social media and all printed materials for the events.

We will provide our citizens events tickets + IRL meet-up
Merch (many)
Special booth for CityDAO
AMA session on social media
After party

So ETH Denver + Toronto could be a success, but i wouldnt compare them with these 2 events cause i believe here we would get more exposure & interaction

Many important names will be here including Vitalik (hopefully) and Skylar (he already started to communicate with community

So the goal is to ;

-increase brand awareness
-tell our story
-cooperate for our vision with other web3 communities
-meet citizens
-gain new citizens

Well, this has enough likes to go to Snapshot, but I think it is important to note that nearly every post has said the costs were too high, and yet nothing has been done to lower the costs. Even across two events, it seems that $9K per event is high when the benefits are not being measured (no metrics are proposed), the value of a booth is unclear, the nature of the IRL event is unclear and it’s unclear what our message is at this event. Buy an NFT?

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David hey,

First off all there is nothing unclear here. I explained all the details above why this proposal is not the same with others (even ETH Denver cost more than these 2 events without sponsorship).

Its about a part of marketing plan.

Example ; How to increase Twitter exposure ?

Make a booth with CityDAO design including illuminated logo and / or TV (looping our videos), make people take some photos in front of it, they get the merch if they post it at Twitter using our hashtag. Make sense ?

IRL event is only for citizens. All web 3 community will there, including famous influencers also. I know some of them and they are citizens. I would like to invite them to spent some time with our citizens. Networking, talk about CityDAO and web 3…

Message is not buy an NFT. Never mentioned it above.
Message is to deliver our vision to web 3 community and talk about our unique project. Like whats next ?

We can cut down the budget to half like giving away 100 tshirts and some others promo materials only. But there are nearly 2.000 people. Do we want more people hear about us or not ? Marketing is about investing ! Like you did with your proposal for 3 years… Not 1 but 3 years.

We have 2 calls for Turkish Community this week. We will discuss it at those calls but the plan stands as it is right now.

Can you provide clear evidence of costs, though? Website that states the price to rent a booth. Quotes and invoices for merch. Breakdown and invoices for IRL event. This should also be very clearly documented, as much as possible, in advance, and afterwards through invoices.

I can do it all.

As the process didnt start, i have draft costs i foreseen.

Example ; Today, i tried to get some costs for merch which hit me pretty hard. I asked for printed tshirts for 500 pieces. As there is no time (snapshot didnt start and need 1 week. Which i’ll have only less then 3 weeks to prepare all), its a hard challange to go to a big producer. I talked with a local producer and gave me a price for 12.5 $ per pieces. So all will be considered if CIP will pass

I just don’t personally see why we need a booth at two conferences. And an IRL event. If there’s any liability from the event, CityDAO is in no way responsible. If you’re throwing a party without getting waivers signed, you have personal responsibility. It’s just a lot. $1.5K to design and construct a booth? How is that reasonable? Just get a table and a banner. We’re not Bank of America or something. Why $500 for a photographer/videographer? This isn’t a professional movie. I don’t know what roll-ups are but then after all these others costs, what are $1.7K in misc. expenses? It’s just such overkill.