Land selection discussion

We are in the final stages of selecting a land parcel from the list below that a broker sourced. The criteria for the search was that it be in Wyoming, < $150k, between 5 - 100 acres, and minimal regulations to maximize freedom.

Parcel list:

The two leading contenders are the Overland trail properties. Here are the pros and cons of why they were selected


  • Easy road access
  • Large, 35 acres
  • Lots of allowed use cases like mobile homes, RV parking, camping, hunting, etc


  • No water on site, water would be hauled in and stored in Cistern
  • Only can build up to 3 permanent housing properties on the site (this is common for all properties)
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The pre-existing septic/cistern on 226 Overland is appealing.

I’m curious to learn more about the implications of some of the listings being in subdivisions. Can we ask our broker about this?

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How much thought are we putting into buying multiple adjacent parcels? I’m wondering if that should be a consideration in case of wanting to combine multiple for a larger presence/community.


After discussing on discord, I can see an argument for buying small and using the first purchase explicitly for learning and getting started with tokenized land ownership.


@scottfits are any of these parcels in Opportunity Zones?

Not having access to well water on site is damning. Hauling water is a wasteful, fragile, unsustainable process that would probably put a nail in the coffin of anything actually happening on the land (other than sitting on it in a shack for a week at a time).

Is it possible to drill a well on the Overland trail properties? Any information from the broker on how deep it would have to be?


I asked about this. There are some land use restrictions because of them being in subdivisions. We would only be able to build up to 3 dwelling structures on the 35 acres. I will upload the Subdivision rules shortly

Not having water on site is a compromise I think we should be okay with for the first parcel, but I’m open to hearing more about why we should have it

My deleted post (gettin used to this forum, why aren’t we just using discord?) just agreed with liking this initial land buy as a “proof of concept” approach.

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have we found any land with water access to this point? if so, what does that look like?

The first couple of listings have wells drilled, with the trade off being reduced acreage. Parcel 6_Hail Basin Rd_Clark_WY_82435 on that list (first post in thread) is actually catching my eye as it also has a well drilled and is 40 acres. No septic, and I haven’t done the research but I assume that would be in the 10-20k range? 7ish eth? I feel that would be a fair trade off for water.

Re: overland trail, I realize water storage/delivery is wasteful but if we are looking at this from the proof-of-concept lens, we wouldn’t necessarily need water on-site year round, could just come prepared on site visits?

Edit to add: does the subdivision have water? would be able to tap in sometime in the future if it’s eventually coming? Might’ve been asked already.

Re: parcel 6, prohibitively expensive to bring power in from the neighboring property?

Not much lives without water. Especially in this part of Wyoming:)

Most of these parcels are in the red swath in the north (you can see the city “Powell” marked on the map), which means a total of 6-10 inches of water a year.

Ever hear of a city without water?


Hi All, I agree that getting a larger parcel makes sense, which favors the following:

  • 119 Overland Tr (35.7 ac, ~$2800/ac)
  • 226 Overland Tr (35.8 ac, ~$3300/ac)
  • Parcel 6 Hail Basin Rd (40 ac, ~$3125/ac)

Of these, the Overland Trail properties are similar: Flat-ish, low to no vegetation, and right in the mix of Wyoming Neighborhood living:) As noted previously. water is a challenge for both of them.

Parcel 6 is interesting because:

  1. It’s got more elevation (which means good views and nice photos. Plus probably more wind to fly that CityDAO flag in;)
  2. The increased topography and diversity of landscape means a greater potential for passively harvesting water.
  3. It has an existing well.
  4. “Electric and phone are at a neighboring parcel” is promising, though to @brian 's point I think it would be good to ask the agent for rough costs of bringing them in. Is that $1,000? $10,000? etc.
  5. Finally, and importantly from my perspective, this property is adjacent to the Shoshone National Forest

This massively extends what can be done from the parcel (hiking, camping, etc) but also represents something that I think is important for this project: CONNECTIVITY to a wider ecosystem that can fuel the potential of whatever happens here.

I’d love to hear other folks’ thoughts on all this!

@scottfits , would it be possible to get a video tour from agent of Parcel 6? Also any further maps she has of any of these 3 properties?


good map, thanks for sharing

Thanks, I am adding Parcel 6 to the land doc

The only problem I see is terrain, its very mountainous which precludes building, there is only 1 leveled off area

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asking broker about cost to bring in power and about if terrain makes building impossible

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Agreed on the terrain being a con. Curious what sort of building ideas have been kicked around, like a straightforward shelter or something a little more evolved?

I’m aligning with what you’re saying. I’m shying away from the Overland Parcels because given the choice, why would we choose a property in a subdivision that inevitably has some limitations versus one without them.

Parcel 6 is interesting for the reasons you state. 40 acres is a good size. Having a drilled well is awesome. I love that it’s next to the National Forest. The terrain I think is an immense benefit for views and photos, that’s a big part of our relation to it. I’m not put off by no power and hilly terrain since it could be a challenge to design everything to be off grid, and we can get creative with building on hillsides or wherever. I could even see a test experiment for us to come to consensus and execute a grading plan, that alone is a large project at this stage, let alone building a structure more complex than a shed.

It’s 4 hours from an airport it seems, so kinda far, but that’s common for a lot of these obviously. It is only about an hour off I-90 which is a major highway for cross country travel.

  1. I’m trying to find some maps/parcel outline of Parcel 6.
  2. There’s a road to the site, so I’m assuming we have legal access. Only bring up because power and phone come from an easement and made me second guess it.