[Phase-1] CIP-5: Design and Sell CityDAO Merch

Now that we are very close to buying a very real parcel of land, I think it’s time we have something to wear to both spread the word about CityDAO and feel pride in the community we’ve built.

I propose we hold a merch design contest, with the winning design being produced and sold at a moderate markup. 20% of profits go to the winning designer as compensation, and the rest will act as additional funding to CityDAO. The amount we invest into this depends on level of interest in the idea (as a signal for sales potential) but I think spending $500-750 (depending on what manufacturing cost ends up being) on a first order would be a good target to easily sell out but allow for enough members of the community to purchase.

This is only a phase 1 proposal, so please express both positive and negative feedback below so we can make this happen if the community has interest.


Nice. Love this. Let me know if you want some connections to Metafactory, earning some $ROBOT while doing this would be cool. Plus having our stuff in their store is kind of like advertising.


That would be awesome, I think we should find someone interested in spearheading this. Probably a newer contributor to assimilate more people into the DAO


I support this! This is a wonderful idea. Hopefully it can receive substantial interest from the community. And it’s along the lines, of other forms of celebration of CityDAO’s achievements on Parcel 0. Like this proposal by @chance
Let’s brainstorm ideas interesting / quirky things we can collectively do to celebrate :confetti_ball: the land purchase when it happens - CityDAO

And we have talented designers among CityDAO. We just have to take a stroll through the #design channel to see that.

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